"You Lie!" And Other Political Bullsh*t

It looks like some ex-lawmakers are fed-up with the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C.:
Some former members of Congress have this to say to this season’s crop of congressional candidates: “We have met the enemy. And it is us.”

In an unprecedented letter to all congressional candidates in both parties, more than 130 former members of Congress said it’s time to halt “this sorry state of affairs” and start to “focus on problem solving.”

Congress “appears gripped by zero-sum game partisanship,” in which the goal often seems to be more to devastate the other side ... than to find common ground to solve problems,” they wrote.

It is a pointed message from experts who know the territory and want everybody to get along better.


“We can’t continue the way we have gone in the past. People want to cut the childish political posturing,” Porter said. “With the problems facing the country, our campaigns have become an embarrassment to democracy.”

Those problems have resulted, in part, he said, from a political nominating process that favors more extreme views and from political consultants “who encourage negative campaigns because it, unfortunately, works.”

The former members also cited larger cultural factors. “Members who far exceed the bounds of normal and respectful discourse,” they said in their letter, “are not viewed with shame but are lionized, treated as celebrities, rewarded with cable television appearances and enlisted as magnets for campaign fundraisers.”
You can read the entire letter here. It's worth it.