Are Moderates/Independents Turned Off By Gridlock?

Buried in the latest ABC News/Yahoo! polling are some numbers to which both Republicans and Democrats should pay close attention:
While [political gridlock] customarily is taken as a negative, this ABC News/Yahoo! News poll finds that Republican registered voters in fact divide evenly, 42-43 percent, on whether gridlock is a bad thing because it prevents good legislation from being passed -- or a good thing, because it blocks bad laws.

The split underscores many Republicans' skepticism of active government. But it may make it difficult for GOP leaders to push their own legislative agenda. And it raises questions about the durability of the party's appeal to independent registered voters, who favored Republicans by a record margin Nov. 2, but who see gridlock as a negative by a 2-1 margin, 57-28 percent.


...40 percent, a plurality, don't think the outcome of the election will make a difference in the country's direction at all. That view is especially prevalent among independents, customarily a politically skeptical group. They see the election results as a positive by 30-14 percent, but 51 percent of independents don't think it'll make much difference.
My emphasis.

Take note parties: independents usually control the swing of power. If you don't live up to the promises that you make during an election campaign, you'll be punished for it at the polls the next time around.