David Frum: Mike Huckabee Versus Sarah Palin

A very interesting take on the possibility of a Huckabee-led overthrow of Sarah Baracuda:
Huckabee is a very different cat from Sarah Palin. He’s smart and policy-minded. And while he expresses a strong social conservative message, he does not play the politics of division, disparagement, and resentment in which Palin specializes. In the days of party conventions, the answer to the Palin problem would have been obvious: party leaders would assemble and force the mutually mistrustful Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee onto the same ticket. In modern times, the game is played differently, but the structure of the situation remains the same: an early Huckabee pact with a candidate acceptable to Republican donors (if not Romney, then Tim Pawlenty or even Jeb Bush) would command enough clout to push Palin off the stage. If not, all bets are off. As I think about it, that’s one of the big problems with the candidacies of a Thune, a Daniels or a Barbour: They will need Huckabee as much or more than Romney does. Yet Huckabee is also a re-elected governor, plus he won the second largest haul of delegates last time. Why should he defer to any of the lower-polling governors? And who will make him?
I still cannot believe that Palin would even run for the nomination in 2012. But, I suppose stranger things have happened in politics...

Postscript: how frightening is it that Frum includes the phrase "President Palin" in his post headline? *shudder*

Photo: Smith, AP/Reinke, AP