Fred Thompson: 'Joe Miller Needs To Be A Big Boy'

In Alaska's race for the U.S. Senate, incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski has been declared the winner. However, Joe Miller does not appear to be ready to concede, leading Fred Thompson to weigh-in on his radio program:
"Joe Miller ought to give it up and live to fight another day. Show a little class. All those people around you who had big plans based upon your success are going to have to back off now. Don't let them take you through this court system forever, trying to hang on by your fingernails in hopes of getting enough ballots thrown out. Because she has pulled off a feat that I didn't think she could ever pull off . . ."

Thompson went on to add that Miller is "right on the law, but he's wrong on the politics. And he ought to preserve his credibility and be a big boy . . ."

Head nod: Matt Lewis