"The Green Lantern" Trailer

Yes. From Matt McDaniel at Yahoo! Movies:
[Ryan] Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, who was actually the second Green Lantern in the comic books starting in 1959. He is a test pilot at Ferris Aircraft alongside Carol Ferris (played by Blake Lively). Jordan discovers where a spacecraft crashes on Earth, and its alien passenger, Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison), passes on his power ring to Jordan before he dies. So Jordan is inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, sort of an interplanetary police force whose rings have the power to create anything they can imagine.


It's a far cry from the gritty realism of a movie like "The Dark Knight," but that's by design. It also has a lighter tone that gives Reynolds the chance to show off his trademark charm, putting his romantic comedy experience to use in his bantering with Lively. And unlike the brooding, tortured heroes like Christian Bale's Batman or Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Reynolds seems to be having fun with his superpowers.
...and I think that this type of super-hero flick is due. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy The Dark Knight and Wolverine with the best of 'em. BUT, a funny/witty/snarky/good-time-havin' character is a welcome addition to all of the movies-based-on-comic-books out there.


Head nod: Mr. Furious