Karl Rove: "I'm Reading 'Alaska For Dummies'"

An interesting, albeit slightly misinformed exchange on Sean Hannity's program last night:
HANNITY: Are you and Governor Palin getting along?

ROVE: The other night [election night] she took a picture of me, and Brit Hume and I were studying Alaska for Dummies, consciously. During the break, we were over there reading.

HANNITY: So this media stuff about, you know, your comments that maybe she shouldn't be doing the documentary?

ROVE: Well, look. My job is to, sort of, comment on those kind of things, and look, I understand she's an unconventional politician, and I may be coming at it from a conventional perspective, but you know, I didn't mean offense by it, and I'm sorry if she took it, and I did -- the other night, she laughed when she saw Hume and I studying Alaska for Dummies, and I hope to go there in response to her travelogue on the Discovery Channel.
As Christian Heinze aptly points out:
After calling it a "reality show" in his comments to the Telegraph, he agreed to call it a "travelogue" in a November 1 interview with Greta Van Susteren, and it seems he's holding to the revised designation.


He continues to say that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" will be running on Discovery. It's actually TLC, and he'll probably find his inbox flooded with complaints that he's pointing viewers to the wrong channel, in order to drive down ratings
My guess is that it won't take Karl Rove's meddling to drive down ratings for her show...