Sarah Palin: Reagan Woulda Been A Tea Partyer

You betcha!

In a column at NRO, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate makes the argument that sticking to the philosophies of Ronald Reagan will help the GOP to win back the White House in 2012:
In 2008, we were told that we had to “move beyond Reagan.” Well, some of us refused to believe that America chose big-government European-style socialism. American voters elected a politician who cloaked his agenda in the language of moderation. Once the mask was removed, Americans rejected his “fundamental transformation.” The Tea Party reminded us that Reaganism is still our foundation. I think the Gipper is smiling down on us today waving the Gadsden Flag.
Admittedly, I agree with her basic premise (and I usually don't agree with much of anything that Palin says), however I do think that her invoking of the 40th President of the United States is nothing more than pandering.

While I think that Reagan was a very consistent conservative, legislation like the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 would get Tea Partyers' panties in a bunch these days. Reagan would surely have been lumped into the RINO category along with other "amnesty" supporters like Lyndsey Graham (R-NC).

Despite President Reagan's conservative bona fides on taxation, it is also worth pointing out that between 1980 and 1988, the United States' national debt rose to $2,602,337,712,041.16 from $907,701,000,000.00. There is no way that Sarah Palin's audience -- nor Palin herself -- would support this type of government spending today.

For Sarah Palin and others to continue to lionize President Reagan as some staunch ultra-conservative, who would never compromise with a Democrat, is just plain absurdity. And yet, they continue to do so...

I find it difficult to believe that President Reagan would be "waving the Gadsden flag".