Those Crazy Chain E-mails

Politifact rounds-up the most notoriously false e-mails of 2010 and -- shocker -- most of them are anti-Democrat and anti-health care:
The Democrats' health care bills would provide "free health care for illegal immigrants."

Actually, nobody gets free health care from the new health care law. In fact, a major part of the health care bill -- tax credits to help people with modest incomes buy their own insurance -- specifically excludes illegal immigrants. This chain e-mail spins its tale out of claiming that the verification procedures aren't tough enough for enforcing that exclusion. That point is debatable, but it's not the same thing as free health care. We rated this one False.
Although, admittedly, if Republicans were in power (in Congress and the Executive), you can bet your sweet ass that the focus of these e-mails would be anti-Republican. You can read the rest of the offenders here.

There's nothing wrong with standing up and voicing dissent to legislation and policies with which you disagree. BUT, when you base your dissent on rumors and falsehoods, you come off like a dick and/or idiot. I'm looking at you Ken Buck... just sayin'.