Voting On UFOs

... and here I was concerned about who Pennsylvania will send to Washington, D.C. Denver has something else in mind:
[The] ballot measure, addressed to voters in Denver, is called Initiative 300 and it is adorned by perhaps the most ridiculous question ever asked in a political campaign: "Are you ready for the truth?" The truth that proponents of this measure want to access is the one that describes what is already known about people from outer space.

The campaign's site declares something rather interesting: "Over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses have testified to their direct, personal, first-hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret."


AOL News reported that the progressive Denver initiative, if passed, will commit Denver City Council to setting up a seven-person committee that will be bound to publish on a special Web site everything that is known about them up there and their technology. Equally, Denver folks down here will be able to post their own information and sightings.

Jeff Peckman, an entrepreneur who's into clean energy and holistic health, told AOL News: "There could be some good things that come from ET contact and some negatives. We need to figure out if there are possible business opportunities or medical treatments that could come from them."
You might be readily fascinated by the medical opportunities. For myself, if I were residing in Denver, I would naturally be mesmerized by the idea of doing business with little people whose mouths bubble with a strange foam.

You might wonder why Denver might be the place that begins to force its leaders to reveal America's contact with outer spatials. Could it be because Denver is a little closer physically to up there?
Maybe someday we'll make contact with a real alien -- and we can plead with them to take the Birthers back to Revulon 7...