#DADT Repealed In The House

And so it begins...
By a 250-175 vote, the House on Wednesday passed a stand-alone bill that would end the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy — a move supporters believe can build momentum for Senate passage in the final days of Congress’s lame-duck session.

But while gay rights activists and their Capitol Hill allies continue to believe that more than 60 senators support repealing the Pentagon’s 17-year ban on openly gay men and women in uniform — a view mirrored by nearly eight in 10 Americans — the House vote seems to have left the basic dynamic in the Senate unchanged.

For now, it appears that repeal advocates simply can’t get the Senate’s attention.

Senators from both parties remain consumed with other legislative challenges, and it continues to be equally evident that Republicans are willing do anything to run out the clock on Democratic priorities like the repeal.
Cartoon: Chan Lowe, The Sun-Sentinel