Palin Out, Anuzis In For Tea Party-Backed RNC Chair?

Initially, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips called on begged Sarah Palin to run for the Chair of the RNC -- but after she quickly said 'no', he came back with a Plan B:
"Fortunately for us, there is a conservative alternative: Saul Anuzis," Phillips wrote on TPN's website.

Anuzis, the former chairman of the Michigan GOP, is one of several candidates vying for the spot. He ran lost year but lost to RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Steele hasn't said if he'll run for another term.

"Saul who? That is the reaction from someone I was talking to yesterday about Saul," Phillips continued. "He is a solid conservative, just not very well known outside of GOP circles or outside of Michigan."

Phillips said he was surprised by how swiftly Palin rejected the idea of leading the RNC, but encouraged supporters to continue their campaign for "control" of the committee.

"If we do not win this battle for the heart and soul of the GOP, we will end up with either a second Obama term or perhaps as bad, a Romney presidency," he wrote.
Ouch! If you are Mitt Romney, that's gotta hurt!

Photo: Adam Bird/AP