Ron Paul's New Chaimanship... And Beyond

Ron Paul gets a new leadership position and weighs a 2012 presidential run. I can hear the Mr. Furious cheering from here:
[Congressman Ron Paul] is about to gain even greater visibility. He says he will use his new [position as chairman of the House subcommittee on domestic monetary policy] to renew his push for a full audit of the Fed and to hold a series of hearings on monetary policy.

On Web sites for Ron Paul fans, there are urgent pleas for a father-son (or son-father) “Paul/Paul 2012” ticket. But in an interview, the senior Mr. Paul seemed taken by surprise by the suggestion of teaming up. While he is bursting-proud of his son, he is not necessarily ready to yield the spotlight: He is pondering another presidential run on his own.

“I’d say it’s at least 50-50 that I’ll run again,” he said, adding that he would look at where the economy is. (Aides add that it would depend a lot on what his wife, Carol, says.)
The article offers a good review of how Paul used to be treated by his fellow colleagues in the GOP -- and how they are now embracing him and his message. Finally.

Photo: Reuters