Sarah Palin To Make Another Rare Non-Fox Appearance ABC. TV Newser:
Because [Palin] is a paid contributor to Fox News, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rarely gives interviews outisde of the channel. An exception was made last week, when ABC’s Barbara Walters interviewed Palin as one of her “Most Fascinating People” of 2010.

Now, Palin is set to do another interview with ABC, this time with Robin Roberts at “Good Morning America.” Roberts will travel to Alaska and spend a “day-in-the-life” with Palin and her family, and will talk to her about her new book, as well as the political news of the day.
I'm sure that it will be a hard-hitting expose on the reasoning for Sarah Palin's departure from the Alaka Governor's Mansion....

Right. The "lamestream media" indeed.