#Snowmaggedon 2010?

I logged on to my work computer this morning to see this:

Here in the 'T' we are right on the edge of the light blue shading (1-3 inches). My guess is that it will be a slushy mix, but nothing nearly as cool as the 6-12 inchers. Via
The monster storm and its accumulating snow are still "on" for the eastern Great Lakes and parts of the Midwest, central Appalachians, and neighboring Canada this weekend.

Enough snow to shovel and plow will fall over this region, but the primary form of precipitation along the I-95 corridor will be drenching rain.

Travel in much of the region will be a "bear" as a result.

However, there are some forecast problems that remain with the storm, due to its complexity, track, dry air pockets, and changeover times in some locations from not only snow and ice to rain, but also back to snow and a freeze-up at the end.

Computer models Thursday continue to play their game of "Whack-A-Mole" as far as storm track is concerned. This alone will have drastic effects on who in the U.S. gets the lollipop of snow from the storm itself.
Bring it on Momma Nature! Hit us with your best (worst?)...