The So-Called "Young Guns"

Jeff Vanke has a great post up over at Rise Of The Center parsing the "Young Guns", err, credibility:
Cantor and [the other "Young Guns"] are establishment Republicans. These three young guns might be shy of age fifty, but each one is a long-term, career politician. Cantor worked for his Congressman as a college student and has been an elected Republican since age twenty-eight (1992). That’s old compared to McCarthy and Ryan, who each went straight from college to working for Congressional Republicans (1987 and 1992, respectively) and never left politics. Combined, these three have worked fifty-eight years since finishing higher education. Combined, they have worked a mere two years exclusively outside Republican politics.

For the so-called young guns, then, the old ways are their ways – and they’re already backtracking to them. In March 2010, House Republicans proudly denounced budgeting earmarks. But in May 2010, most House Republicans colluded with nearly half of House Democrats to support $485 million for a duplicate F-35 engine unwanted by the Pentagon, the Obama administration, or even the Bush administration before it (Roll Call 316, HR 5136; Cantor and McCarthy for this engine; Ryan missed the vote).
The rest of the piece is here. Check it out.