"Times Have Changed, Old Man"

Matt Lewis, as always, has some very astute observations about Tea Party-backed candidates in the 2010 election cycle:
Much of my concern with the "tea party" candidates who ran in 2010 had nothing to do with their political philosophy (much of which I share), but instead, everything to do with their political sagacity and -- for lack of a better word -- competence (sadly, all criticism was treated equally by some -- as an example of apostasy).

Typically criticism was brushed aside the way a teenager might ignore his parents admonitions. The message coming from the tea party seemed to be: "Times have changed, old man!"

Unfortunately, the problem with eschewing all the old ideas of the past, of course, is that some of the things that have always been done caught on precisely because they are wise.


Much of my concern with some of the Tea Party candidates was confirmed this week when it was revealed that two of the prominent conservative senate candidates ended their races with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank.
Hint: he's looking at you, Christine O'Donnell...

I too share much of Lewis' sentiment regarding what has become of the Tea Party movement.

As recent as three years ago, during the run-up to the 2008 presidential elections, if you had asked me to describe the Tea Party movement, I would have told you that it was basically a libertarian-style philosophy. Small government, low/no taxes, lots of personal liberties and individual freedom.

But now? Now the Tea Party has taken on a very different form. Oh sure, it appears to be inclusive of those original tenets -- but it seems that the movement has garnered more of a socially conservative air as well. To me, this is contrary to what the Tea Party of three years ago represented.

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