Chris Christie On Sarah Palin, Ctd.

Did you catch that?

Why won't you run for president Mr. Christie?
Two reasons: one, I have a commitment to my state. I've been governor for a year. New Jersey's problems are not fixed. We have a lot of hard work to do... I don't think that I could help New Jersey more in the White House than I could in the State House. And secondly, you've got to believe in your heart that you’re personally ready to be president and I’m not there. ... Listen, I think that every year that you have as governor, in an executive position in a big state like New Jersey, would make you better prepared to be president, and after one year as governor I am not arrogant enough to believe that after one year as governor of New Jersey and seven years as a United States attorney, that I am ready to be president of the United States -- so I'm not going to run.
My emphasis.

Okay, so the Governor of The Garden State didn't name Sarah Palin directly... but come on.

Yeah, so that was interesting.

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