Chris Christie On Sarah Palin

An interesting exchange:
At a lunch with New York Times journalists and the newspaper’s publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Mr. Christie was asked about the Sarah Palin video, released earlier in the day, that had caused a stir. He said he had not yet seen it, but he doubted that it would shed much light on her character.

“I think people need to be judged by the way they conduct themselves in the public arena, in a way that is as minimally staged as possible,” he said. “That’s where you really get to know people.”

When it was noted that Ms. Palin has preferred communicating with the public in ways she can control, Mr. Christie said that “rightfully has been criticized.”

He described his town hall-style meetings – videos of which have made him a rising star among Republicans nationally – where attendance is not limited to supporters, and he routinely takes questions ranging from fawning to hostile. For presidential candidates, he said, moments like that are probably inevitable.

“You have to look at it and see, what are they like when they’re tested, what are they like when they’re not scripted, what are they like when they’re pushed,” he said. “And I would contend to you that if Governor Palin never does any of those things, she’ll never be president, because people in America won’t countenance that. They just won’t.”
...and Christie is spot-on. One of the reasons that Palin rubbed me the wrong way from the very beginning in October of 2008 was her lack of transparency. She never did a full-on press conference. Her media appearances are highly controlled experiences -- controlled by her handlers.

If she decides to run -- if -- she will have to make herself more available to the public. That means that she will have to take risks. She will have to venture much further out on that proverbial limb.

On a related note, I have maintained for quite some time that I didn't think that Sarah Palin would make a run for the White House -- and I still largely feel that way. However, I think that it is worth noting that my confidence in that position is slowly being eroded...

Photo: AP/Reuters