Chris Christie Was Approached About Rebutting The President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reportedly declined to deliver the Republican response to tomorrow's State Of The Union address:
William Palatucci, Gov. Chris Christie’s close personal and political confidante, told The Auditor that Republican leadership had inquired with the governor about rebutting President Obama’s big speech on Tuesday.

“They tried to see if there was some interest, and there wasn’t any,” Palatucci said.

He said Christie wants to stick to New Jersey.

“The governor is in the midst of his legislative agenda,” Palatucci said. “There’s no reason to try to get involved in federal issues.”

Although Christie has not shied from the national spotlight, Palatucci said the governor does not want to become entangled in the federal debate. Responding to the president’s speech would do just that.
I think that Christie is doing a fine job of staying in the headlines, while still keeping the appearance of attending to issues that affect the Garden State (e.g. not getting "involved in federal issues").