Herman Cain Prioritizes

Matt Lewis snags an interview with the first Republican to begin "exploring" a presidential run:
While Cain is an unabashed pro-Life social conservative who believes in traditional marriage, he clearly sees the economy and national security as the most pressing issues on which to focus his time. As he told me:
I will not sign any legislation that is going to weaken traditional marriage, but I am not going to make getting a constitutional amendment on traditional marriage the centerpiece or the leading issue of my administration. We have a few issues relative to national secruity, the economy, spending immigration and education that I think we ought to focus on first.
Cain went on to add that, "Leadership is saying very clearly what our priorities are and what we are going to focus our energies on. There are somethings that should not distract us from our most pressing priorities."
I have to admit that the guy has my interest piqued. We'll see where he goes from here. Perhaps my interest is purely based on the fact that he's the first person in line...