Mitt Romney Wins...

... a GOP straw-poll in New Hampshire.

But hey, it's a start, ain't it?

I'm not usually one who puts much credence in straw-polling. I think that, largely, straw-polls are good for 'taking the political temperature' of a small group at only one point in time. The results of this poll in New Hampshire are really no different.
DERRY, N.H. – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the first presidential straw poll of the 2012 cycle, kicking off New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary election race.

Romney won with 35 percent, beating second-place finisher Ron Paul by 24 points in the WMUR-ABC News straw poll of members of the state Republican Party. In third place was former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who won 8 percent—just one point ahead of Sarah Palin, who drew 7 percent.
But, what I will say is that it is encouraging to me that -- while I am not a huge fan of Romney -- he was more than 25 points ahead of the former Governor of Alaska.

I also like the fact that Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty beat her out in the poll as well.

Then again, this is New Hampshire we are talking about here. My guess is that had the straw-poll taken place in -- say, Texas -- there would have been very different results...

Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images