The Republican Contradiction

Ah. Credibility, where art thou?
If incoming GOP freshmen were hoping to bring fiscal responsibility and "family values" to Washington, they may have gotten off to an interesting start with a big party in the works.

Country singer LeAnn Rimes, it seems, is scheduled to perform at what has been billed as a "swearing-in event" for newly elected Republicans at the swanky W hotel in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 4.

According to e-mails and invitations I have obtained, tickets are $2,500 a pop (for $50,000 you can become a "Platinum Sponsor" -- but that includes eight tickets, a "VIP lunch" and a "VIP suite" at the W hotel).

But the price isn't the only thing raising eyebrows. [...]
Lewis goes on to talk about the, errr, questionable personal decisions that LeAnn Rimes has made in recent years -- and how conservatives might not look too kindly upon said decisions.

Look, I don't care if the GOP gets George Soros to speak at an event. The personal life of a guest performer is not the issue here. What is at issue is the fact that the Republican Party is (allegedly/supposedly) the party of fiscal discipline.

A lavish party to celebrate the swearing-in of new Republican Congresspeople does not fit that imagery very well.

If you are going to claim to the the Party of Fiscal Discipline, then you need to act like it -- not just give lip service.