Vengeance, Juan Williams Style

It looks as though Juan Williams took NPR's senior VP down with him:
Ellen Weiss, the NPR's senior vice-president for news who fired analyst Juan Williams over his remarks on Fox TV, has resigned following NPR's review of the circumstances s surrounding the incident.


NPR's board of director said in a statement that its has now adopted "recommendations and remedial measures" ranging from "new internal procedures concerning personnel and on air-talent decisions to taking appropriate disciplinary action with respect to certain management employees involved in the termination."

Among the new steps, NPR says it plans to "review and define the roles of NPR journalists (including news analysts) to address a changing news environment in which such individuals have a myriad of outlets and new platforms for their talent, balancing the opportunities presented by such outlets and platforms with the potential for conflicts of interest that may compromise NPR's mission."
...not that Juan Williams would be upset either way. After all, he cruised to a $3 million contract with Fox News after his, errr, departure from NPR.

Maybe this will calm the "defund NPR" crowd.

Yeah. Probably not.

Head nod: The Daily Beast