Vice President Biden In Afghanistan Again

...and let's hope that it's not a repeat of his last performance there:
The primary purpose of the trip, a White House official tells Lee, "is to assess progress toward the transition to Afghan-led security beginning in 2011, and to demonstrate our commitment to a long-term partnership with Afghanistan."

During Biden's last trip to Afghanistan, ten days before taking office as vice president in January 2009, Biden famously got into a heated argument with Karzai over dinner.

"Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. had come to the palace for dinner, and halfway through the meal, he began taking his host to task for how he was responding to civilian casualties caused by U.S. and NATO military operations," the Washington Post's Rajiv Chandrasekaran wrote. "Biden told Karzai that he was politicizing the issue and leveling 'ill-founded' allegations in public, according to a previously undisclosed account of the dinner from a person who attended. Karzai argued back, and the discussion turned tense."
...not that he wasn't correct -- to an extent at least. It's just that when you are dining with the leader of another nation -- a nation that your country is essentially occupying, no less -- attacking that leader for his comments isn't exactly the most tactful approach to brokering cooperation.

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images