Continuing Assault in Iowa

imageI’ve understood for some time that many Iowa Republicans really disliked gay people but the picture of just exactly how much they dislike us is really starting to become clear.

Just recently Iowa House Republicans made good on their promise to codify discrimination against LGBT Iowans into our state constitution when they passed HJR6. Unfortunately the assault on LGBT Iowans continues, this time with House Study Bill 50.

House Study Bill 50 would make it legal for people to engage in a broad array of discrimination based on their religious beliefs. From the Des Moines Register.

It would be legal for an Iowa business owner who cites religious beliefs to refuse to provide jobs, housing, goods or services to people involved in a marriage that violates his or her religious convictions,

This could of course have far more effect than they intend. It means that business could not only discriminate against married same sex couples, but against any married couple who does not fit within their religious worldview. For some that would include interracial couples or even couples who have been divorced and remarried, just to name a couple.

Rep. Richard Anderson (R-Clarinda) sponsored the bill and claims that his intent is to protect religious liberty.

I think what we're trying to do is balance constitutional amendments. There is the 14th Amendment that we've heard a lot about. There's also the First Amendment.

Rep. Anderson appears to think that the two amendments to the US Constitution interfere with each other.

When you look at these truly hateful actions of State Republicans in conjunctions with the sinisterly named group The Family Leader lead by leading state homophobe and hater Bob Vander Platts who seems hell bent on re-establishing America as a Christian Theocracy, and who continually regurgitates and spews the hateful lies of groups like Narth and the Family Research Council, you just wonder how far they will go.