Darrell Issa: 'My Goal Is To Strengthen The President'

You know, my goal is to strengthen the President. I think the last two years have weakened the President because they gave him too much money, too loosely, and without the kind of opportunity to give and take that makes America stronger. So, if the President is going to win re-election, he going to win re-election because together we turned the economy in the right direction, American businesses invested, Americans went back to work, and they're feeling good in 2012. I hope we can do that together, I probably still won't vote for him, but I certainly wouldn't feel bad if he, uh, if Americans were working again and he did get another four years.
My emphases.

Personally, I think that Nick sums it up well:
This contradicts the Republican message and stated objective. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said his number one goal is to “make sure Obama is a one term president.” [ed. note: link added] It’s not to fix the economy. Not to get Americans back to work. Not even to reduce the deficit. His number one priority is to end Obama’s political career!

Luckily for America there is someone with enough courage to stand up to the inflexible ideologues in the Republican Party. Although Issa is usually a hard core partisan, it’s still a positive sign to see a Republican willing to work for the good of the nation rather than the good of their own party.

Cue the calls that Issa is a "RINO" in 3... 2...

Oh. Too late.