Dick Cheney And Donald Rumsfeld Booed At #CPAC

Another dispatch from the conservative gathering in Washington, D.C. This time, James Joyner talks about the now-popular video of people heckling former Vice President Dick Cheney presenting the Defender of The Constitution Award to Donald Rumsfeld:
Literally one person yelled “War criminal!” I presumed it was one of the contingent, which was stronger than at any CPAC I’ve attended, but it might have been a [Ron Paul] enthusiast.

I get that controversy sells and that the press will highlight outlier events. That’s especially true for things like CPAC, where the speeches are frankly boring boilerplate that the reporters have heard dozens of times before. But the story here is that Rumsfeld and Cheney, two key architects of two unpopular wars and of some very controversial policies surrounding those wars, are wildly popular among young conservatives, not that a couple of people from fringe movements acted out in a crowd of over a thousand people.
I understand Joyner's angle, and agree with it. But I also have to admit just a little bit of glee at hearing Cheney and Rumsfeld booed.

The Defender of The Constitution? REALLY?!