Dispatch From #CPAC

CPAC is a GO!
“We’re gonna party!” [Congresswoman Michele Bachmann] bellowed, inviting those at the Conservative Political Action Conference gathering to an evening reception. “Come one, come all—the bar tab is mine. You’re all welcome—all 11,000 of you.”

Then she had a moment of fiscal responsibility. There would be, she added, “a one-drink limit.”

The three-day extravaganza that fills a sprawling Marriott in Northwest Washington careens between ideological pep rally and gloom-and-doom forecasting, both of which were encapsulated by Bachmann’s animated address. The Tea Party favorite, employing some creative math projections, warned college students that if conservatism doesn’t triumph in 2012, “70 to 75 percent of your income will be taken away by the government in your peak earning years.” (She added that she wasn’t trying to “scare” anyone.)

What’s more, said Bachmann, America would become Greece, cap and trade would “destroy the future,” and there are “threats to the moral grounding of this nation.”

Perhaps, but most of those at the conference seem to be having a rollicking good time.
I wish I had press credentials to go to that thing man. Although, from what I've been seeing, it's not really that interesting...

I'm following Doug and Jason's coverage here.

Photo: Larry Downing/Reuters