Dispatch From #CPAC

What a great video. There's nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a blatant racist having his philosophy torn apart in front of a crowd and on-camera.

Jamie Kelso (the older gentleman in the foreground for the majority of the video) is handily rebuffed by attendees at CPAC. Ed Morrissey gets the head nod and says:
Kelso must have spent too much time listening to mainstream media painting conservatives as proto-racists. The young people at CPAC sent him packing, presumably off to another venue where he can take credit for Galileo and da Vinci.
I don't buy the idea that the MSM paints all conservatives as racists, but I see Ed's larger point. My guess is that many liberal blogs and websites will be showing this video as "proof" that, *gasp*, there are fringy elements in the larger conservative movement.

Here's the thing: both left and right, liberals and conservatives have fringy elements amongst them.

Unfortunately, the crazies who yell the loudest and have the most fringe-tastic rants (see above) get more attention. Cue the tape...