Glenn Beck: Not Sure Ronald Reagan Was Conservative

Glenn Beck on the radio today:
Apparently, Republicans are just trying to appropriate [President] Ronald Reagan. Who, we're not even really sure if he's a conservative anymore, apparently, at this point.
...and there you have it. Gross grammar infractions aside, let's chat about this for a second.

Much has been written about a 'rift' or 'civil war' within the conservative movement -- with the Tea Party on one side and the mainstream Republican party on the other. So many conservatives have argued that this divide is being blown out of proportion...

While that may be true to an extent (you rarely hear folks going-on about a rift between the far-left wing of the Democratic party and their more moderate 'blue-dog' brethren), Ronald Reagan is a pillar for mainstream Republicans. I remember watching the 2008 Republican primary debates and suppressing yawns while each of the many candidates prattled-on about how great Reagan was and the lasting conservative legacy that he left.

This is with whom Republicans of today have gotten into bed. So many Republicans have hailed Beck and his Tea Party bonafides -- while ignoring his anti-establishment rhetoric.

My guess is that some of the bigger names in Republican circles will now have to seriously evaluate the words vomit that comes out of Beck's mouth.

To suggest that Ronald Reagan was not a conservative is heresy in most Republicans' minds.

Photo: Robert A. Martin/The Free Lance-Star/AP photo