Karl Rove's #Birther Conspiracy Theory

Okay, a couple of thoughts...

1) Rove is absolutely correct that Republicans need to stop pandering to the Birther movement (I'm looking at you Mr. Speaker). There is nothing productive to be gained from continuing to fuel the Birther fire.

2) Don't you just love how Karl Rove blames the White House for the Birthers? fall into the trap that the White House has laid for us...
Granted, Rove has a point that the White House loves this type of distraction, for I'm sure they do. But, to make the assertion that the White House is somehow responsible for the Orly Taitzes of the world is simply ludicrous.

3) It is painfully clear that Karl Rove and establishment Republicans are extremely frightened threatened by Ron Paul. Did you notice how many times Rove mentioned Paul's name is association with both Truthers and Birthers? His goal was to make sure that it was clear to everyone watching O'Reilly's show that Ron Paul = crazy-Birther-Truther.