This Is Not Christianity

I am outraged when people hurt others in the name of Christianity. They give such a bad name to what should be a gentle religion about loving others. I am a Christian and I believe that in its purest version that means simply to love everyone and leave judgment out of the equation because who are we to judge.

I shared an article on Facebook, before I was regularly posting here, about a mom who let her son dress as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween because I felt it was a very powerful article.

Today I read a new article about the same mom being condemned by her church for this.

This is not what church should be and this is why so many people turn away from Christianity and feel it's negative. I hope those of us who truly believe in simply loving others will stand up to religious institutions like this. Those who say that the behavior such as this church is demonstrating is Christian-like are wrong ---- IT IS NOT!