What A Tangled Webb We Weave

Not all that surprising, really:
For those who hoped to see a rematch in Virginia of the 2006 Senate race that pitted Democrat Jim Webb against then-Sen. George Allen, a Republican, disappointment abounds with Sen. Webb's announcement Wednesday that he won't run again.

Some observers had guessed that the feisty Webb might run, seeing re-election as a personal challenge after Allen's recent announcement that he would seek the seat Webb took from him.

But Webb, a former Republican and Reagan era Navy Secretary, had raised very little money for a 2012 re-election bid. That suggested to some that he was leaning against a run.

Webb's decision to be a one-and-done senator raises the likelihood of a clash of Virginia titans featuring Allen, once a popular governor as well as senator, and Tim Kaine, another popular politician and former Virginia chief executive.
Kind of a bummer though. I think that a re-match from 2006 would have been fun. You know that George Allen is all amped-up and ready to drop a few more racial epithets.

On the other hand, I think that what Webb is doing is more in-line with what the Founders intended. I don't think that the guys who wrote the Constitution had career politicians in mind. Unfortunately, the only term limits that were set were for the Executive [which was not the result of the Continental Congress, rather the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution -- thanks David]. I think that things would be a lot nicer if they had put more limitations on the Legislative as well.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images/LIFE