A Year Already?


So, it dawned on me this morning on my commute to work that one year ago today I started working at Behemoth University.

Two thoughts:

1) I cannot believe that a year has already gone by. It seems like only yesterday I was venturing out into a vast unknown... As it turns out, I was fine.

2) It pleases me to no end that I have been able to find a work-blog balance. One of my fears in going back to full-time work was that I would not be able to continue to blog here. While I do not keep with the 20-30 posts-per-day pace that I used to, I have still been able to squeeze the blog into a regularly-busy schedule at work (shh, don't tell my supervisor).

Here's to another fruitful year of working and blogging. Thanks to the loyal readers who have shown so much support over the last 12 months.

Oh, and TPW too. She's pretty fantastic.