Bill O'Reilly Criticizes Sarah Palin

...and accuses her of doing the same things as the President:

“Her favorability among Republicans and independents has dropped four [percentage] points in a month,” O’Reilly said during a segment of his television show. “The reason I think it’s dropping is because she is not engaging directly.”

O’Reilly then pointed directly to a recent interview he had conducted with Palin in which she accused him of interrupting her after he asked a follow up question.

“When I had her on this program I had specific questions she didn’t want to answer,” the Fox host said. “She wants to the give a speech, this, that, and the other thing.”

He then suggested that Palin is guilty of the same failure in leadership that she has accused Obama of.

“If Barack Obama looks like he doesn’t want to go into the tougher venues…people are going to say look you are not confident in your position,” O'Reilly said. “That’s not leadership.”
Emphasis mine.