Buddy Roemer Will Form An Exploratory Committee

Wait... who?
Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer will announce Thursday in Baton Rouge that he is forming an exploratory committee, he told POLITICO.

“I should be president or somebody better than I should be,” Roemer said in an interview. “And the only way to make sure of that is to make [my opponents] go around me, through me or over me in the primaries.”

While Roemer is a native son of a state that witnessed a miracle last year — the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl — he faces very long odds. A former Democratic member of Congress who switched to the GOP in 1991, midway through his single term as governor, Roemer has been largely absent from politics since consecutive failed gubernatorial runs. In Louisiana circles, he is a onetime political wunderkind who is remembered more for what he might have been than what he accomplished.

So, I can already hear the criticism that Roemer switched to the Republican party. After all, isn't that what eventually ruined Arlen Specter's political career?

Photo: LIFE