The Confession Of A Movie Snack-Snuggler

I must admit, I do this too:
I am a movie snack smuggler. The movie theater industry will never lose a cent from me because I have had it ingrained in my head that buying food at the movie theater is as stupid and irresponsible as skateboarding behind a speeding car on the beltway. “A fool and his money… (etc. etc.).”

I have fond childhood memories of going to the local movie theater, which was next to a grocery store. Dad would buy the tickets while Mom would take my brothers and I to Sainsbury’s to buy candy and cans of soda (my snack of choice was red licorice shoelaces). After paying the considerably lower prices for candy, we’d hand our booty over to Mom, who would hide it in her purse as we approached the theater. I remember this was one of the earliest functions of my first big-girl purse: sneaking snacks into the movies.

I continue to do this to this day, although lately my snacks have an additional goal in mind. It used to be about eating cheaper candy up until a few years ago, when I started the snacks started to become healthier substitutes to Junior Mints and Reese’s Pieces. I started to bring in trail mix, air-popped popcorn (that I popped myself at home), cinnamon baked almonds, whole-grain crackers, low-fat gingersnaps, and my all-time favorite, sugarless gum. Alternatively, my husband and I would sometimes skip the movie snacks altogether and opt to have dinner right before the movie or right after to avoid snacking (my husband would always cave though).


I’m usually pretty forgiving of companies that are trying to make an effort to appeal to their customers, so I have no compunctions in telling the theater companies, “TOUGH.” They have done nothing to accommodate me or anyone else with their high-priced junk, other than expanding their menu to include pizza, pretzels and milkshakes and all for as much money as the movie-ticket. It already costs about $45 to take my kids to the movie. If I add popcorn and soda, it’s almost $70. So far the only thing the movie concessions have done to combat the recession and the loss of revenue is raise their prices. Yeah. That’ll work. It worked for the airline industry, right? These guys seriously need to re-group, re-brand, and take a long hard look at what modern America really wants. (And what we’re willing to pay for).

See you at the movies. I’ll be the lady with the 40lb purse that crackles when she moves.
My brother and I (when he lived in Pennsylvania) used to frequent the cinemaplex for an afternoon of BOND-ing, or just geeking-out at the latest comic-book-turned-into-a-movie. As such, we would always stop at the local Sheetz and load our pockets with goodies. My brother even goes so far as ordering food (hot dogs, hamburger, Schmuffin, etc.) to take into the theater.

I'm a simple man -- I just stick with Peanut M&Ms and a Mtn Dew...