Get Off Of The Talking Points You Big Dope

Well well well... been a long time since I've done this. I even had to email PJ and ask what my log in name was... I think the last time I posted Charlie Sheen was an admitted crack user with a failing marriage and now he's... well never mind that example.

Listen... I had to post today because I AM FURIOUS with some CRAAAAZY people... and I'm talking to you... my fellow conservatives?!?! Huh?! Did I really just say that. You bet your founding fathers loving butt I did.

Look... it's not secret I love the Republican way of life. I feel that my party, at its core, has the best ideas, values and plan for what is best for America. That's why I vote the way I vote and campaign for people like John McCain and George Bush... because I believe in their ideals.

But I'm just really shocked how in the past few years the Republican Party has had this infighting between the "purists" and what the "purists" call me... a "RINO" HOW DARE THEY!? They cant even spell it right... and I might be a bit on the heavy side... but that in no way means they should call me... wait what?... it's an acronym... oh my bad. RINO of course stands for "Republican In Name Only"... referring to people who don't act like "true Republicans". Which begs the question... who put people like Mark Levin in charge of dictating what conservatives should think? I refer to Mr. Levin because lately Mark has been violating Reagan's 11th Commandment and attacking people like Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie because they violate one of his 1,000 criteria for being a "true conservative". And the sad part is... like any portion of America... when somebody speaks... people believe what they hear is truth.

Oh I believe it's on the other side of the aisle too. I believe there are people who think Rachel Maddow is preaching the truth and nothing but the truth... but of course... it's wrong. And the reason this is happening in our society? Because a large portion of our society is too lazy to do some research, gather their thoughts, and form an opinion. They would rather be fed talking points by radio conservative hosts like Mark Levin and take everything that he says as truth. Want an example...

Levin was passionately behind candidates like Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell... forcing "RINO'S" out in the primary and in the end states like Delaware and Nevada ended up electing liberal Democrats. If Levin is so intelligent... wouldnt he have seen this coming? Wouldn't he have known that people like Christine O'Donnell come with so much baggage... they dont stand a chance in hell of getting elected in a general election (crap... I feel a curse was just put on me... sorry Christine!). But Levin is so pure... he doesn't see life this way... and neither do his minions. They believe that "America wants a true conservative". Conservatives do have the better ideology... but ideology has a tough time winning a general election because people want to vote results. Sure, Obama was/is an idealogue. But look at how much trouble he had in 2010 convincing America his policies were correct... because there were NO RESULTS. And this is where "purists" fall short. They still think someone like Sarah Palin, who quit her job halfway through and made millions the next year, actually has a shot at beating someone like Barack Obama with an approval rating over 50% heading into primary season.

Levin would rather sit on his show and on Facebook and attack Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and others like them because he disagrees with them 5% of the time. And look on his Facebook page and look at the logic his followers are using in denouncing these candidates. "He's as bad as Obama". "He's a black mark in the Republican Party". Are you kidding me? Mitch Daniels, a popular governor in Indiana who is increasing revenues to his state is a black mark on the state of Indiana, why? Because Daniels said let's concentrate more on fiscal issues than social issues at the moment? And then people like Levin go on to attack LIFELONG CONSERVATIVES like George Will because George Will endorses Mitch Daniels as one of his five top Presidential candidates? Are you kidding me?

The best part is looking at the responses of his followers who comment things like "George Will never was a good conservative anyway. Neither if William Bennett" Seriously, these people are going insane? George Will and William Bennett are not good conservatives? No what you mean to say is George Will and William Bennett are GOOD conservatives...and people like Levin are impractical conservatives. Mark Levin has never had a dog in the fight. It's easy to sit on the so easy to be in the dance. And by the way...Mark Levin...I would LOVE to call into your show and debate you...but you're famous for hanging up on people when the debate gets good and you know you're losing.

So what am I basically saying? I'm tired of people like Mark Levin and their followers who don't have common sense. I actually had one lady tell me "I dont look at polls because the lamestream media conducts these polls". What is she saying? She's saying 'I do not need facts because I dont believe facts... I just believe what Mark Levin tells me.' For pete's sake lady... do an average of polls... use the RCP rolling average... get some material to back up your claim that this country wants Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann to be President. Who does Mark Levin favor? Candidates like Allen West and Herman Cain. Exactly... W-H-O?

I love being a Republican... but I dont like crazies surrounding me. We need more common sense Republicans who know that it will take the support of independents to win a national election. We can't put up Sarah Palin because Obama will lay the smackdown in November 2012 if we do that. We need Chris Christie. Mitch Daniels. And dare I say it... Donald Trump. America needs results... not ideology. America needs common sense... we've lost our common sense because the inmates are running the asylum... the crazies are shutting us common sense people up... and until this changes... Mark Levin will still hang up on my phone calls (if I ever called in in the first place).