Mike Huckabe Versus Mike Huckabee On #Libya

Here we go.

Huckabee today:
[O]ne thing you'd think would be common knowledge by now is that you can't win a war with air power alone.

You can bomb until the rubble turns to gravel, but at some point, foot soldiers have to go in and finish the dirty job. Ironically, foot soldiers may turn out to be the Achilles heel of the Libya operation.


For the rebels to regain the upper hand, might require the allies to either arm them - which backfired in Afghanistan - or put our own boots on the ground to fight Gaddafi on their behalf.

President Obama has already said no to both those options.
Emphasis mine. Mmmmkay.

Now, Huckabee last week:
It's one thing to destroy air targets. I think the president is exactly right -- we do not want to commit ground troops. We don't have them to commit.

We're in two theatres of war now -- Iraq and Afghanistan. We just don't have any more forces available for any prolonged situation, at all.
While Mike Huckabee is not necessarily criticizing the President in the first quote, listen to the audio. Huckabee has a tone in his voice that, to me, sounds as though he is goading the President somewhat.

Photo: Scott Morgan/Getty Images