On James O'Keefe's NPR Sting

Glenn Beck's news aggregation site did a fantastic analysis of James O'Keefe's latest sting operation -- this time targeting NPR. (Yes. Glenn Beck's site did this)

Here's a great example of the type of selective editing of which O'Keefe and his ilk are guilty:
SCHILLER: I [won't break a confidence, but a person who was an ambassador -- so, a very highly placed Republican -- another person, who was one of the top donors to the Republican party, they both told me they voted for Obama, which they never believed they could ever do in their lives. That they could ever vote for a Democrat, ever. And they did, because they] think the current Republican party is not really the Republican Party. It's been hijacked by this group that...

"MUSLIM": The radical, racist, Islamophobic, Tea Party people?

SCHILLER: Exactly. And not just Islamophobic, but really xenophobic. Basically, they believe in white, middle America, gun-toting -- I mean, it's pretty scary. They're seriously racist, racist people.
The emphasis (which I added) highlights the words that Schiller says on the video that O'Keefe released. The words between the brackets are what Mr. Schiller actually said in the unedited footage.

Now, I'm not going to argue in favor of Schiller. I think that the way in which he describes the Tea Party ('xenophobic', 'seriously racist') is a gross mis-characterization. Are there racists among the ranks of the Tea Party movement? You bet your sweet ass there are. But, I'm sure there are also racists among progressive groups (MoveOn, Code PINK, et al) as well. Just because there is one bad apple, doesn't mean that the whole tree is rotten.

This is a basic school of thought that we learn when we are but wee lads and lasses.

What I will say is that O'Keefe is not a journalist. He and his crew wouldn't know journalism if it sat on their collective face. To purport to be a legitimate "investigative journalist" is a lie. Period.

A conservative activist? Sure. A documentary-style film-maker? Yes. A young man who has faced felony charges for, and plead guilty to tampering with a sitting U.S. Senator's office equipment? Indeed.

Why does/how could anyone take this guy even marginally seriously?

If "Project Veritas" (which is Latin for "truth" -- snort) is really out to uncover injustices and discover the truth, why would they selectively edit the footage to make the NPR representative seem so much worse than he really is? I'll tell you why: because Project Veritas and groups like it are not interested in truth. They are interested in headlines and making the "enemy" look bad.

Once again -- largely due to the fact that nobody investigated their claims -- they succeeded. Again.