Rudy Giuliani: The Anti-Right-Wing Candidate In 2012

Some interesting remarks from America's Mayor:
Former New York Mayor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani left the door open for a 2012 run tonight, saying he’d think about launching another White House bid if it looks the GOP might otherwise pick a nominee who is “too right-wing.”


During a Q-and-A session, he was asked about his January comments on CNN that he’d be tempted to run if Palin were a candidate. Giuliani called that remark “rash.” But he said his fears of the GOP choosing a nominee who can’t win a general election might prompt him to run.

“If all we are faced with are candidates that are too far right so that they can’t win the general election, then that’s when I’d reconsider doing it,”
Giuliani said.
My emphasis.

Head nod: Taegan Goddard

Photo: AP