Sarah Palin Becomes Politically Indefensible

I think that one of Andrew Sullivan's readers hits the proverbial nail on the head:
I've been noticing the increasingly shrill tone of Sarah Palin's tweets on energy policy over the last few days. She seems desperate to get some attention for her one so-called area of expertise, but can't seem to manage it. Granted, the earthquake and tsunami stole some of the thunder she was expecting when she began belittling Obama's latest speech on energy initiatives before he even gave it. Even so, the woman can't seem to get any real press whatsoever for her righteous indignation about Obama's energy policy. Even Haley Barbour is getting more coverage on this now.

The latest news about Sarah is, as usual, abundant, but it's all about the ever-growing chorus of conservative thinkers who are coming out against her, and a rift with Roger Ailes, not her take on decreasing dependence on foreign oil.

I'd imagine this really frustrates Palin. I can see why it would. But I think we are witnessing exactly what happens when a politician chooses reality TV stardom over familiarizing herself with policy and answering questions that are not pre-scripted. No one cares what she says on policy anymore. There was a time recently that people were paying attention to anything and everything she said (even her shallow policy proclamations). This is now changing.

Thing is, this is the bed she's made.
My emphasis.

I would argue that things like ethics violations, adulterous affairs or drug/alcohol abuse are antics that will very quickly make a politician obsolete in their field. With Palin, it's a different situation altogether.

Instead of doing something that would be considered morally indefensible (i.e. having an extra-marital affair), Palin has engaged in an activity that I would consider politically indefensible: quitting the Governorship mid-way through her first term, only to immediately start television and book tour appearances.

In essence, putting money and fame before her charge as the leader of an entire state.

I have no doubt that the former Governor has an expert opinion on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that is worth hearing. But, when this is Palin's new image, it becomes increasingly difficult to take her seriously.

...and it was difficult for many before...