Sarah Palin's Woeful Ignorance Of The First Amendment

As someone who has both served in a public office AND has a degree in journalism, Palin's mind-numbing ignorance of the U.S. Constitution -- specifically the First Amendment -- is astounding.

But wait you say, Palin has invoked the First Amendment other times?

She sure has:

Wait. What?

Oh, I see what's going on here....

Palin is quick to defend the First Amendment rights of someone with whom she agrees (Laura Schlessinger), but even quicker to advocate the removal of those very same rights someone with whom she disagrees (WBC a.k.a. "wacko church").

While I will concede that I agree with Palin's description of the churchgoers at the WBC, just because I disagree with them does not give me, or the government, or a half-term governor, the justification to strip them of their rights under the First Amendment.

Though we may not like what they have to say, they have every right to say it. Suck it up Mrs. Palin.