Tom Corbett's Budget Controversies And Cronyism

The Governor's words speak for themselves.
Later in the day, Gov. Corbett discussed his budget in an interview with WNEP-TV. He addressed his controversial cuts to education, noting that it is not something he wants to do, but simply does not have the funds to dispense to schools and universities.

“That money’s not there this year. It’s gone,” Gov. Corbett said. “If you were out spending and somebody gave you a million dollars and you continued to spend a million dollars, and when that million dollars ran out, would you continue to spend a million dollars? No.”

He also defended the controversial appointment of Roger E. Nut as CEO of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, a position that comes with a salary of $196,700. “I’ve brought somebody who’s qualified, who knows what he’s doing,” Gov. Corbett said “He was president of the association of turnpike executives at one point in time. So on paper he’s a very qualified person if you just take out the part that he’s the father of my campaign manager.”
My emphasis. Geez.