The Westboro Baptists Are A No-Show, Thankfully

Some peace, perhaps:
Pennsylvania State Police troopers and fire police in neon yellow vests stood sentry at checkpoints all around the the Perry Mennonite Reception Center in Elliottsburg, the scene of today's funeral for the seven Clouse children killed in a fire a week ago.
... and those beacons of humanity, the Westboro Baptist Church, have said that they will picket the children's funerals -- which were scheduled for today.
A full hour before the service, traffic was already backing up along the road leading to the center. So far, there have been no signs of the threatened protest by the Westboro Baptist Church.

Among all the security for the solemn service, perhaps its biggest protector is the abundance of private property along the road and adjacent to the church. All of it was freshly staked with yellow no-trespassing signs and strung with police tape, giving protesters no area to stage their demonstrations near the church.

The nearest public land where Westboro Baptist protesters would have a right to stand is in town, six miles away.
In fact, the service went well.

I'd say that this is both a victory for the First Amendment, and for the rights of citizens to privately grieve. In peace.

Photo: Sean Simmers, The Patriot News