Americans Don't Want A Government Shutdown

[V]oters are still behind the GOP when it comes to spending cuts. According to the poll, 45% say that President Obama and the Democrats aren’t going far enough in theirs spending cut proposals, far more than the number who say that the GOP is going to far. In some sense, then, the GOP has the public on its side in this debate, but not to the extent of backing the GOP position to the point of letting the government shutdown. For Republicans, the lesson seems to be clear – make a deal, avoid a shutdown, and move on to the far more contentious battles over the Fiscal Year 2012 budget to come.
Doug's emphasis.

From the experience of 1995-1996, you’d think there was one thing Republicans would know: don’t shut down the government. But... the more the Republicans think about how they should not do it, the more alluringly the idea beckons...
So, what's going to go down now?

Chart via Gallup