Another #Birther Takedown

Mr. Mo'Kelly on the Birthers:
The chants and calls for President Obama to “show his birth certificate” ring familiar to African-Americans knowledgeable of 19th century history, where freed slaves were required to show “freed papers” on command to permit travel around the country.

The mentality is not much different from Arizona in 2011.

There is something historically distasteful to African-Americans having to “prove” one’s authenticity or nationality and it is inextricably linked to racism. If Donald Trump wishes to question the legitimacy of the birth records in the state of Hawaii, then his complaint is with the state of Hawaii, not the President of the United States. This is an issue of principle.


[I]t is not President Obama’s job to further prove the authenticity of his birth certificate, certificate of live birth or any twisted combination of the two. The state of Hawaii has verified the authenticity of President Obama’s citizenship. His responsibility has also been fulfilled. And if that’s not enough, Mo’Kelly just proved it for you. Reading is fundamental.

Have a seat Donald.

President Obama should never lift a finger or offer a single word of clarity beyond what the state of Hawaii has already provided. He is neither required nor expected to satisfy the racially-tinged musings of an ignorant segment of the population or an oligarch with a reality TV show. The same oligarch who won’t even authenticate what is or is not crawling around the top of his head.
While I think that there is definitely a racial element to the birther movement, I'm not convinced that all birthers are racist.

That said, what Mo'Kelly is saying rings true. The President has done his due diligence regarding the issue. The birthers, Donald Trump amongst them, continually imply that the President is "hiding" something -- when he has supplied the required documents. Birthers claim that the birth certificate that was shown is "only a certificate of live birth" not a "long-form birth certificate" -- but this is what the State of Hawaii releases to the public. If the birthers have a problem with these documents, their gripe is with Hawaii, not the President.

But I have little doubt that they will continue to demand the long-form certificate... whilst they fashion a new tin-foil hat for The Donald.