Blog Appreciation And Exploration Day

Our friend Stan at TYWKIWDBI has started a semi-annual linkfest that he calls "Blog Appreciation And Exploration Day".

While 2010 was a no-show, 2009's entry was a very strong one. This year's post is nothing short of epic.

Stan has compiled 59 different blogs and websites varying in topics from politics (this site included) to "a potpourri of DIY and commentary from a young married couple living near Washington, DC." There is also The Hipster Housewife, Play With My Food and My Year On The Bounce, to name a few.

With 59 different sites to look at, I cannot possibly begin to scratch the virtual surface here. Head over to TYWKIWDBI to see the listing (with descriptions) yourself. And, as always, thanks to Stan for the mention of!