Calling Out Andrew Sullivan's Insanity

A reader is getting tired of Andrew Sullivan's Trig Palin birth-story "obsession":
I'm a very long time reader of this blog. I haven't written in before, but this obsession with the Palin baby issue has really been bugging me. I'm the last person on earth who could be considered a fan of Sarah Palin. She's awful for many other reasons. Clearly, somebody's lying about something in this story - the pieces don't fit together - but why does that have to lead to us assuming an implausibly far reaching conspiracy about Trig having a different mother?

Why don't we think she just lied about the going into labor in Texas bit, to exaggerate the story and make it seem more dramatic?

People exaggerate stories to make them more dramatic all of the time. Politicians do this even more than the average person (see Hillary Clinton getting shot at by snipers in Bosnia). And, as we've seen from virtually everything else she's done, Palin doesn't ever like to admit she was wrong, so she tried to hush up the lie about where she went into labor after the fact - not the implausible lie about it not being her kid. Rather than there being a massive conspiracy to fool us about Trig's mother - which in addition to requiring the perfect coordination and complicity of the entire hospital staff, the entire staff in the governor's office, and every single teacher and classmate in Wasilla, and every parent of those classmates who would have known that Bristol was already pregnant, to all magically manage to keep their mouths shut - if you take away that bit about going into labor in Texas, it all starts to make a lot more sense.
...and I completely agree.

I too am a long-time reader of Sullivan's blog -- and share many of his political viewpoints. But this 'Trig-Trutherism' is getting out of hand. I find myself scrolling through his site (now at The Daily Beast) and thinking that he sounds more like Alex Jones than Michael Oakeshott.

Let it go Sully. There are far better reasons to criticize Sarah Palin.