Chris Christie In 2012? Not According To New Jersey

New Jersey voters are not necessarily supportive of a Chris Christie presidential run in 2012:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is often mentioned as a presidential contender, but fewer than one in four voters in his home state would back him as a candidate, a poll released on Thursday said.

Two-thirds of registered voters "oppose Chris Christie for president in 2012," according to the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Fewer than half of Republicans and a quarter of independents support Christie as a candidate, the poll found.

"This does not mean a future try would be opposed, just that New Jerseyans aren't joining the national media's storyline that Christie could take the nomination in 2012 if he wanted it," said David Redlawsk, director of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll and professor of political science at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Christie, a former prosecutor, has been seen as a rising Republican party star since taking office last year and pushing a lean-government, low-tax agenda. But he has said he did not think he was ready to be president and did not plan to run in 2012.

New Jersey voters are unconvinced the buzz surrounding the governor's political future is good for the state, the poll found.
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Clearly, the state of New Jersey alone does not decide Presidential elections, and Christie could still run in 2012. But, I think that he is doing the right thing by laying low. His star is still rising and I think that if he were to run -- and all indicators are pointing to him not running -- it would not go well.

That said, there is definitely a growing number of conservatives and independents who would support a Chris Christie For President campaign.

Photo: AP